Music City Pipes Feeding Steam

Become a Nashville District Energy System Customer

If you are putting up a new building, renovating your existing building or just replacing your heating and/or cooling system, why not consider becoming a customer for your heating and cooling needs? The benefits can be dramatic and the savings significant.

If your building or site is near the Nashville District Energy distribution system in downtown, SoBro or even Rolling Mill Hill, we can serve you.

Check map of the distribution system and current customer locations

Join the 42 downtown buildings and over 10,730,000 square feet of space served by the Metro Nashville DES. Our customers are a diverse population with office buildings, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, the State Capitol, Ryman, Nissan Stadium, Bridgestone Arena, TPAC, Hume Fogg High School. each receiving the economic and reliability benefit of District Energy System. At this time, the Metro Nashville District Energy System has 2,055 tons of cooling and 21,750 pounds per hour of steam available for new customers to contract for service.

The benefits of joining the District Energy System include capital and operating cost savings, freeing up interior space and eliminating the need for unsightly cooling towers and onsite mechanical equipment. District Energy System rates will be competitive to in-building heating and cooling systems.

Contact Daniel P. Coyle to find out more about how your building can benefit from joining the Nashville District Energy System.

Main benefits:

  • Lower Upfront Costs
  • Less Space is Required
  • Ongoing Cost Savings
  • More Robust and Reliable Service
  • District Energy is “Greener”
  • Current Capacity
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